Friday, January 14, 2011

San Francisco Friday

I started collecting photos of San Francisco long before we moved here. So imagine how many more I'm collecting now that we do!

So I'm attempting another weekly challenge where I'll post a few random photos that I've taken within the city, either ones from the past or ones I've taken during the week.

This set of photos is of a mural on the Bagdad Cafe on the corner of Market and 16th.

Taken on Saturday Jan 5th, 2011.

Truth be told, the quality of my photos now aren't nearly as nice as the ones I took before. That's because I rarely have my DSLR with me anymore while wandering the big city. So lately, most of my shots have been on my cell phone or pocket camera, which for me is still acceptable. I'm not quite getting the artistic creativity that I love to get when framing a shot on my big camera, but nowadays my goal is to capture the moment. However I'll still break out the big guns for road trips or specific occasions.

Anyone else wanna join me in a Friday challenge of posting photos of the city you live in?


Shammickite said...

There's something wrong with that guy's legs, I'm worried about him.

Ginnie said...

LOL at Sham. I thought the same thing. Double-jointed.

Since I post usually only on Mondays, I guess you'll just get what you get on my site then. But it's a fun what you eat on Mondays. :)