Monday, January 17, 2011

On the Table

These are a few of the non-crafting items I couldn't part with during the big getting-rid-of-stuff-before-the-big-move. My sweet friend, Miss A, gave me these beeswax candles over the past couple of years. The first one she got me was the wax bear, then the sunflower and most recently the cat (which i see is out of the photo). They're so cool, but I'd never ever be able to light them. They are on display in my bedroom on my bookcase...ok ok, technically not a table, but the great thing about making up a creative weekly challenge is being able to make up your own rules. I encourage you to do the same!

So excited that Kristina and Shammie decided to play, too! It'd be a lot of fun if you wanted to join in as well! Just post a photo of anything on your, coffee, dining or even bookcase if you wanna cheat a little.

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Ginnie said...

Ahhhh, sometimes it's not food. Okay, I get it.