Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring In The City

It's easy to forget about how critical our water levels are when this whole month...winter actually...has been picture perfect.

On the 2nd Sunday of the month from March through October, San Francisco closes a street to traffic so pedestrians and bicyclists can enjoy a few miles without worry. There are random performances scattered through the blocks, but it's mostly a gathering of people enjoying the neighborhood.
Of course, this is San Francisco, so if you have a motorized unicorn to ride instead of a bicycle, the more you'll fit in.

And if you play bluegrass, you're welcome to join this group. Or just enjoy the music as you're strolling by.

If bluegrass isn't your thing, just a few blocks away, a group of young musicians were rockin' out.

A hundred years ago, the Pan Pacific World's Fair was in San Francisco, and all over the city, there are tributes to the event.

On another day, I enjoyed the blossoming trees at Union Square.

This heart of San Francisco is also proudly displayed at Union Square.

Bigger. higher. scary as hell. #cranephobia.

View from our front window. yikes.

Jimmy works in there.

And this is my view from the Habitat office courtyard.

Right at this moment, it's raining and windy, but the windows are open and the smell of the blooming trees and plants are wafting in. It's glorious. The rain is suppose to be minimal, but we'll take every drop.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's Not Gonna Happen Again This Year

Last February I didn't blog the whole month. I almost let that happen again this February, but it's the 11th hour, and I've decided to stop the no-blogging madness.

There's no way to stick to a theme for this post since I haven't blogged in a while. So here's a random mish-mash of February 2015...

We were in Southern California for a few days...
I finally got to meet my grand niece! She's 14 months old. My niece drove over an hour just to have lunch with me and my SIL. Also got to see the nephews for a brief moment. And spent an evening and the next morning with my BFF and her kiddos.

Jimmy had to work. He was recruiting at his alma mater. I went to college 15 minutes from here, at Cal Poly Pomona. So I spent a lot of time here, too.

We were staying in Pomona at the fairgrounds. Here's a pic I shared on Instagram for Throw Back Thursday the week we were there.
Jimmy was really into car races back then. We went to the Winter Nationals in 1988 at the fairgrounds. It's hard to tell, but we're posing in front of the Grand National, not the moving truck. It was Jimmy's favorite car back then. I used to love the Saab 900 Turbo. Random.

Also shared this gem from 1987...
Our 1st selfie before 'selfie' was a common term.

We were there Valentine's Weekend...
We treated ourselves to the best fish tacos in California...at a little hole in the wall in Pomona. Two nights in a row. We lamented that Jimmy didn't like Mexican food in college. I remember hounding him for Mexican food all the time but his version of Mexican food didn't extend beyond Del Taco. Now it's probably our favorite style of grub.

Before leaving Southern California, we stopped at another favorite, Bob's Big Boy.

There's a whole hockey store down there that sells just goalie equipment. Not even regular hockey skater gear, just goalie! It's huge and Jimmy's version of my craft store. Couldn't resist a snapshot of these King-kong sized goalie pads.

Back home...
Jimmy actually went to work this way one day last week. The day before, he won a bottle of "Gorilla Snot Hair Gel" and was told to come into work with spiky hair the next day. One of their mottos is to "Be Unboring". Nailed it.

Apparently you're suppose to change the strings on your guitar every 3-6 months. Who knew?? The strings on my guitar were over 5 years old, but only used consistently for the last year or so. But they were due for a change. I was nervous changing them, but I did it all on my own. My guitar has never sounded better and motivates me to play even more.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Rodeo Beach

This is the 3rd year Jimmy and I have gone to Rodeo Beach for our anniversary.

The sites and views along the way never get old.
The lowering sun made the Bay Bridge glisten.

The Golden Gate Bridge always looks good no matter the time of day or weather.

And every year I can't resist taking this snapshot, even with all that yucky smog.

There's a little bit of marshland between the parking lot and the beach and for the last couple of years, we've seen a handful of egrets fishing for dinner. Or maybe those are cranes. Or maybe the one with the outstretched neck is the egret, and the other ones are cranes. Even after a bit of googling, it's inconclusive and I'm more confused than before.

We had a little more time this year to walk along the beach before sunset. This year Jimmy took most of the photos with our big camera.
He took a snapshot of me taking our annual photo. A selfie of our selfie.

Here's a 2 minute slideshow of some of our photos and videos of the sunset at Rodeo Beach on our anniversary:

Monday, January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King