Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Wait, What???

Ok, this is my 1st 'real' blog post in probably 5 years. I have my instagram photos automatically upload, but now and then I have more to say or share. And my Instagram auto-uploads don't allow multiple photos. But for 5+ years, I haven't done a 'real' post.  I don't even know if I remember how. I used to compose my posts externally, outside of blogger, then it imported somehow magically, thanks to the wizardry of my husband. So I'm gonna try to create posts directly in blogger. Cuz for the life of me, I can't remember how to do it the external way.

So, really, this is just a test to see if...
1. I remember how to do this
2. If I'll actually get back to blogging
3. there is no 3, but I like to round things up to odd numbers.

1 comment:

Shammickite said...

OK lets get back to blogging Ms M!