Sunday, September 13, 2015

Less Hijinx, More Fun

Aside from the one day's hijinx, the rest of the week was a lot of fun. There weren't as many of us, a total of 12 with 6 different families represented.
The other 3 were at their own cabin closer to the lake.

We've got a pretty good routine that we stick with time and again.
Lots of jumping from rocks.

Touchdown fetching stuff from the lake.

Great smiles.

Lots of boys on the boat.
Max and I were the only girls this year.

And of course, smores every night that we weren't so tired that all we wanted to do when we got home was have dinner then hit the sack.

This year we had unpredictable summer weather.

3 of the days bordered on cold. Notice the boys wearing the shirts under their lifejackets.

A downpour cut our afternoon short on our 1st day. No complaints though, we all treasured the rain.

But another evening we had this view.

We had a few new events:
Reggie's old enough to pilot the boat by himself.

And our wrap around deck is finally done!!

We admit that we so very much love it. It was worth the 3 year wait.


Shammickite said...

Your deck is really lovely, I can just imagine sitting out there with a glass of vino and watching shooting stars (and swatting mosquitoes)! The boys are getting so grown up and HANDSOME!!!!
Are you anywhere near all the fires that I have been seeing on the telly?

Photo Cache said...

What a beautiful retreat you have there. I feel like I'm seeing the boys as if I was part of the family having read your posts about the summer cabin trip every year. As always thanks for sharing, and really nice to know there was rain in your neck of the woods this summer.