Tuesday, December 02, 2014

12.2: CTOTD

What does CTOTD stand for?
Well, I noticed that I've been posting a lot of Christmas trees on my instagram account, so I decided on the title "CTOD: Christmas Tree Of the Day". Which made me wonder if I can take a snapshot of a different Christmas tree every day till the 25th? Challenge accepted!

Today's tree was spotted on my way to the Habitat office. It's in the courtyard of the office building where I take my guitar lessons.

In other Daily December news, I started my Christmas cards...
Who can resist that little smile?

Putting together a bunch of little Rudolphs.

Not exactly sure where I'm going with these yet...


Shammickite said...

Those Rudolphs are absolutely adorable! Such a cheeky grin. And a good idea to post a different Christmas tee each day, but I won't be posting a pic of mine until MUCH closer to Christmas. We always put the tree and the decorations up just a few days before Christmas, and I still do that. And everything has to be back in the box by Twelfth Night.

Photo Cache said...

you really should have a booth somewhere and showcase your projects.

susan d said...

Doesn't matter where you're going with these, they're already super cute.
Love your CTOD idea. keep it up!