Friday, December 12, 2014

12.12: Glad Tidings

Wandering around this amazing city searching for Christmas Trees everyday has been a fun little adventure. I already knew we lived in a beautiful city, but it's a lot of fun keeping an eye out for a little extra Christmas Cheer.

This funny Santa elf made me laugh as I was walking by. Despite his sunglasses, he gave me a little twinkle of his eye so I couldn't resist a snapshot.

It was still raining significantly this morning, but definitely a lot calmer than yesterday.

I came across several amazing office lobby trees while I was out.
This relatively simple tree is perfect for this lobby with a living wall.

This one brings the woods to the concrete jungle.

While this one brings us the Artic.

No shortage of adorable polar bears at this office building.

After a fully day and a busy evening making goodies, we got a text from a friend asking if we wanted to see a late night movie. Couldn't resist, even though I was yawning till the movie started. We saw John Wick. The storyline was little out of control but watching it was easy on the eyes. Point of the story, be nice to puppies.

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