Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mazel Tov

We celebrated a big family event this weekend.

The oldest of the 3 nephews had his bar mitzvah.

What a huge event and amazing rite of passage.

It was our first bar mitzvah but not our last. 2 more to go after this.

Jimmy and his oldest brother had a part in the ceremony.

Two of Max's brothers came in from New York. Reggie had his 4 most influential uncles up there supporting him.

I can't express how grateful I am to be a part of this family, how much joy they bring to my heart and how much love I feel for them.

I was honored when they asked me to do Reggie's video montage. They showed it during the reception after the ceremony. It was a lot of fun compiling the photos and add music to it. It's a pretty simple video, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

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Shammickite said...

Great pictures and video. I love the little shirt with bugs on it! Congratulations to Reggie!