Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And. So.

Not entirely sure how I feel putting this out there. I've been practicing and playing for 6 months. Feeling very insecure about it, but feeling like I'm making some improvements. Still completely obsessed. Sometimes I wonder why I wasted 30+ years not playing. Wishing I were more musical and wishing this came easier. It's so very not intuitive for me. It's a struggle, every moment of it. Some parts are much harder for me to grasp than others, but all of it is tough. But I love learning. I love hearing music differently. I love listening to different music than I ever did before.

This is Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss". A sad song, but nice to play. It's easy to 'feel'.

I'm struggling with my strumming more than I do with chord changes. I can't seem to keep my strumming consistent. Even though it's still very rough, I can see slow improvements. I'm pretty passionate about this right now. Passionate enough to keep working through the tough parts.
Yup, video is flipped. Don't know how to flip it back.


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Shammickite said...

Sad song. But impressive guitar playing. Well done. Are the ends of your fingers sore after pressing down on those strings?
And you're either left handed or you filmed this in a mirror!!