Saturday, May 24, 2014

California to Idaho

Jimmy and I are on a little road trip. We drove 13 hours but took mostly back roads through the Nevada desert. We haven't been on a multi-state road trip in 18 years! The farthest east we'll go is the Dakotas before heading home. Hopefully I'll be able to update daily.
Before leaving California, we stopped to enjoy the views of Mono Lake near Lee Vining. It's a shallow saline lake, on the other side of Yosemite.

I'm not a big fan of the desert. I suppose some people might find the landscapes interesting, but I think I'm biased against it since I felt trapped there. But I do admit that the cloud formations were pretty awesome today.

The Shoe Tree, Fallon, Nevada.
You do find the oddest things in the desert.

Stokes Castle, Austin, Nevada.
A 3 story stone tower built in 1896 by a mining developer in the nearby town. He patterned it from a tower he admired in Italy.

By the time we arrived in Twin Falls, it was too dark to capture any photos...there's supposedly some beautiful falls here. :)
Good night till tomorrow!

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