Friday, March 21, 2014


So obviously I didn't keep up with posting more frequently in March. You may or may not know this (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before though) I tend to get very focused on something and everything else falls to the wayside. This time it's the guitar that's been occupying my every waking thought. Which is great, I love doing anything creative. But It's so hard. I think I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself though. I'm wondering why everything still sounds so cruddy, it's frustrating sometimes...but then I have to remember I've only taken 8 lessons. Oh, and watched hours and hours of youtube video lessons.

But I've definitely had time for other miscellaneous fun things. In fact today I went to my favorite art exhibit of the year...Bouquets to Art. I went with one of my crafting friends who hadn't gone before. I'm not sure what she expected, but I think she really enjoyed it. How could anyone not? It is super crowded though, which is always a challenge, but thankfully I carry quite a decent bit of patience in my back pocket. It's challenging waiting till no one is in your image.

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