Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Next Up...

The deck...
From this view, the deck might not look too bad. Maybe just slap on a coat of paint, and it'll be good to go, right?
That's a negative, ghost rider.

This is the original deck on the house, so it's over 40 years old. After 40 winters of snow pile up, and 40 summers of sun baking, we're amazed it's still standing.
We could feel the weakened support beams flexing underneath us. We admit that every summer after the nephews and company come over and there had been 7-15 of us out there every night, we breath a sigh of relief that it withstood another year.

This year however, no one will be allowed on the deck.
That's because there won't be a deck! Our contractor is currently busy taking it apart, piece by piece.
(screen capture from our webcam. yes, he knows about it.)


So we've been looking at ideas. What to do? What to do?
Well, we knew we wanted a composite deck.
We thought we wanted composite 'wood' railings, but just recently switched to metal (i don't know what kind of metal).

Here are some of our ideas...nothing is set in stone and will likely change day to day.
We're planning on having a lighter colored deck and a darker railing. Everyone walks barefoot out there, and the dark wood we currently have (had?) is hot! This particular color might still be too dark, but it gives us an idea of the contrast between a dark railing and a lighter deck. We like it.
I also like the caps on the posts.

The caps on these posts are really nice, too.

The color of the railing is close to what we might pick. Maybe. Or tomorrow it could be completely different. I might want to consult my husband on this. Ha! I can't right now since he's not here. But this image also gives an idea what metal railings/balusters will look like. This also gives a nice sample of the lighter colored deck vs. the darker railing.

One last idea photo with all of our requirements, but maybe not the same colors we'd pick. Then again, maybe exactly the same colors we'd pick. But...
-Metal balusters/railings. Check.
-Nice post caps. Check.
-Lighter colored deck with darker colored railing. Check.

We'd love to have lights in the posts.
These 3 are pretty.
And it'll look so cool with snow on them, just like that last photo!

We're planning on building a wrap-around deck.
See that small back deck near the garage? The deck will extend back to there, next to the chimney. That small deck goes into the kitchen. We'll have to reconfigure the steps up to the kitchen, but that's already been discussed with the contractor on how it'll work out.

We're planning on moving that 10 foot tree that's next to the front deck, and have the new deck extend over that area, giving us even more deck-acreage. It'll be huge. For growing nieces and nephews and future grand nieces and nephews to spread out. Just like we want it!
Please pray for that tree to survive moving and replanting. It's a young dogwood and we love dogwoods. Who doesn't?

Let's go back to this photo for a moment...
Remember in my last post about the 2nd floor loft, I mentioned the possibilities of changing the front window into french doors that open to a small standing balcony? That lonely top window up there is where we're planning on doing that.
Possibly by 2017 if we're really, really lucky.


Shammickite said...

ooooo this looks like a big project. I had a small deck built last year and chose the railings in your second picture... wood uprights with black metal rails. And black tops on the uprights, I really like the look. YoungerSon just cleaned the whole deck with his water sprayer thingy, so now I`m planning to stain the whole ting. Too hot right now, 30C out there.

susan d said...

So much work you have done! I like the lights in the posts,too,if you can manage it.