Tuesday, June 04, 2013

the joy of being an aunt. the 'joy' of being a homeowner.

It's a good year to be an aunt!

The 2nd oldest niece got married last weekend.
I made this card for her and her beloved earlier this month. Her husband's last name is very similar to ours. She joked about hyphenating her name. That's not at all awkward, lol!

Jimmy and I got this letter today from youngest Retzlaff nephew.
(click to make the photo larger)
How about that?? Can't wait till they all come up for our annual Camp Retz. The kids will finally get the loft all to themselves. Probably more important to their parents because they won't have to share a room with them. Ha!

Note from nephew...segues to finally being able to use the loft...segues to...another cabin remodel video. LOL. Yes, I'm on a video kick. So is Jimmy, he's putting them together, I'm putting them up to share.

This is a yucky part of the remodel. In order to get the deck approved for permits, we had to have our leach field completely redone. A major annoyance. It seemed to us that the old leach field was fine, but the type/style is no longer allowed, so whenever anyone rebuilds, they have to have their's redone. Anyhoo...Jimmy set up a webcam in one of our windows to take a snapshot every 5 minutes. Here's another time lapse video of the work the man did on Monday. It's short, about a minute. The first 20 seconds just shows the sun rising, which is totally cool to us, but you can skip to 20 seconds in to watch the guy start working. If that even interests you at all. We like being able to see what's going on especially since we can't be there in person to watch.
(didn't put music to this one. really. what music would be appropriate for something related to a septic system?).


Ginnie said...

Joy comes in all kinds of ways and places. HA! :) Congratulations on both.

Shammickite said...

That's a very cool video, loved watching the sun come up. And Retzlaff-Rackleff.... why not? It's a very interesting name!!!!! Best wishes to the happy couple, what a very lovely wedding. I haven't been to a wedding in years.... I need to get some younger friends!