Sunday, June 02, 2013

Mount Lewis

Our 2nd and last ride of our staycation was up Mount Lewis, a nearby peak to our hideaway. We didn't get out till 4pm again, so we wanted to stay close rather than going up to the high country.While we were up at the peak, we had a 270ยบ view of the high country and
the gold country foothills and central valley.

We actually came across a big black bear on this adventure! It was the highlight of the ride. But he ran away fast as soon as he heard our loud machine. We watched him run away on the trail for about 10 seconds till he scampered down the mountainside far away from us. I didn't have my big camera at the ready and in the GoPro, he looks so far away, you can't make him out to be more than a brown blur.

Here's another quick time lapse video we shot. I did a lot of editing out, since most of the trails were very similar...trees trees and more trees. Beautiful to be amongst, but redundant in a video. We accidentally left the camera on while we drove back to the cabin, so I left that in since we've never shot video of that before, along with the running around we do to tie the atv down to the trailer after our ride. Just a little something different from all the other forest ride videos I've been posting. Plus it's a lot shorter, less than 1.5 minutes.

and here's a closeup of the moo cows we came across. I'm not sure what the appeal is to running into cows in the forest, but we both seem to enjoy seeing them whenever we're out on an offroad adventure.

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