Friday, May 24, 2013

Menu Planning

It's Memorial Day Weekend! We're at the hideaway for a week and hoping to have some visitors. So I spent several hours planning meals and grocery shopping. Honestly, it's not a favorite chore, but it's a lot less annoying than flying my the seat of my pants for each meal.

This is what my refrigerator looks like:I need 8-9 lunches and dinners. A handful of lunches will be sandwiches on the lake or out exploring the forest, but this is what I have planned for the next 8 days in no particular order:

naan 'top it yourself' pizzas
sandwiches, pb&j, ham, roast beef
tuna casserole
Rosie's mac salad and ?
soup and sandwiches
naan slices and spinach salad

1. turkey tacos + avacado salad
2. pie in sky (out)
3. chicken enchiladas + green salad
4. grilled burgers + mac salad and corn(or sloppy joes)
5. el jardin (out)
6. molly's chicken chalupas + green salad
7. chipotle lime fish tacos + avacado salad
8. salmon and asparagus pasta + rolls
9. chicken tamale casserole + green beans

While I was doing that, Jimmy was doing this:
hacking our tv. I suppose this voids the warranty. But the tv makes a loud "pop" when you turn it on. Annoying. He's figuring out how to make it stop.

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ren said...

um...i would like to come to dinner, please. it all sounds super yum!