Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Cleaning Nightmare

We're at the hideaway this weekend. All of the major construction on phase 2 of the remodel is done. Or is this phase 3? Actually I think it's phase 7. LOL. But it was one of the biggest phases.Now that all the construction equipment is out of the 2nd floor, I got the courage to start tackling the crazy mess upstairs. We've just been shoving crap up there, crossing our fingers that the floor doesn't collapse.

Since moving to San Francisco, I've been much more of a purger instead of a horder. I really can have hoarding tendencies, but hoarding stresses me out and purging makes me feel good. I just have trouble letting go of stuff I've collected because I collected them for a reason.

This is what it looked like in 2002.
There's more furniture now...bookcases, a couch, chair, coffee table and another desk, but all those boxes and other junk need to disappear. Either put away or taken to goodwill. The pile next to the stairs in the upper right photo in the collage is already set aside for goodwill. More will be added to that pile tomorrow. Purging=good.

Phase 1: new chimney. finished 2008.
Phase 2: remodel front bedroom. remove closet. finished 2009.
Phase 3: add crawlspace entrance in front bedroom where closet used to be. put in tankless water heaters. finished 2009-2010.
Phase 4: add a new bathroom. finished 2010.
Phase 5: extend back bedroom. new drywall in hallway. finished summer 2012.
Phase 6: finish mudroom - now smaller since back bedroom extended into that space. Create storage closet. put in new ceiling lights. finished summer 2012.
Phase 7: move stairs to the 2nd floor from the mudroom to main part of the house. finished fall 2012.
Phase 8: new deck. starting spring/summer 2013.
Phase 9: remodel old bathroom. start date unknown. hopefully spring 2014.
Phase 10: paint. re-carpet. after old bathroom is remodeled.
Phase 11: remodel kitchen. before we die. but very low priority.


Photo Cache said...

purge that should also be my motto this year. i've moved into my house four years now and i still haven't opened the boxes in the garage, especially the one marked "kitchen". yah, we bought new stuff for the kitchen when we moved.

oh i hate cleaning :)

Ginnie said...

Pretty soon you'll want it to be your permanent home, right?! :)