Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bouquets to Art

This is my 3rd year attending Bouquets to Art.

From March 19 to 23, the de Young Museum will once again be transformed with a magnificent mash-up of art and flowers when more than 100 of the Bay Area’s most innovative floral designers come together to produce Bouquets to Art 2013. In creating their spectacular floral arrangements, these designers pay tribute to and draw inspiration from the art in the de Young’s permanent collections.

I have so many photos to share! Since I've been doing a lot of collages, I'm going to try to show more by grouping them into collages. Not sure if I'll like it. Not sure if I'll feel like the beauty of the florals and art will be represented enough in a collage. So tomorrow's post just might feature my most favorite in full sized versions. The click though image is quite a bit bigger so don't forget to do that if you'd like to see more detail. Of course, a photo can't come close to capturing the beauty of seeing it live and in person, so if anyone wants to come next year...my door is always open! Just bring your walking shoes and lots and lots of patience because it's super crowded and I take photos of everything and will wait till that perfect moment when no one is in my frame.

This was in the atrium. I'm always drawn to heart art. Especially if it's edgy, a little bit broken and reveals more than the valentine's version of love.

This one made an impression on me. I've seen the artwork before, but really, never paid that much attention to it. But the floral arrangement, with the broken down chain link fence, the burnt and tattered shirt and shoe, the bent pipes...made me notice the title of the artwork: "The Burning of Los Angeles" based on the Watts Riots in August 1965. The floral arrangement made me pay attention to the art. And the art stuck with me. For the 1st time I noticed the people, the fires and the smoke. Before it was just abstract art. Now I could see the angry souls. Probably not my favorite piece, but the one that made the biggest impression.

The deYoung Museum hosts this event. It's architecture is unique. Thanks to our famous earthquakes, it's designed to shift 3 feet in any direction to help withstand our rockin' and rollin'. The exterior is entirely made of copper, which will mimic the trees in Golden Gate Park when it oxidizes. At the top of the twisting tower is an amazing observation deck 9 stories above street level. The other photos in this collage were taken today from the tower.

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