Friday, March 08, 2013

3.8 Mission Bay and Old Town

We had 1 full day to relax before the wedding. We kept it pretty low key and stayed close to the motorhome we're renting for the weekend.

After picking up my SIL from the airport, we had a late lunch at Old Town San Diego. Everything is styled like the California Missions and Mexican restaurants are the dining establishments of choice so of course that's where we went and we weren't disappointed.

When the sun finally peeked out of the ominous clouds, we knew all was well with the world. We're camping at Mission Bay and took a quick stroll to enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous views.

We've always said that San Diego is the only city in Southern California that we'd move back to. We're not planning on ever moving but San Diego still holds a spot in our hearts.

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Photo Cache said...

it's been many years but when we visited san diego, we ate most of our meals at the old town.