Saturday, March 16, 2013

3.16 Stomping Around

Without ever getting into the car, we managed to cover a lot of ground today, too. But this time we stayed within our own stomping grounds and did almost all of it on foot.

Earlier this morning, I was crafting at my desk and heard some louder than normal noises on the street. So I peeked out the window and saw something I've never seen from my window before:
The St. Patrick's Day Parade was today and they set up on our cross street. So we quickly got ready to go out and enjoy the festivities.

On our way to Market Street, we walked by many of the parade marchers. This handsome dog, a massive Irish Wolfhound, rested before he had to walk the 1.5 miles down Market Street to Civic Center. I'll share more photos from the parade soon.

After the parade, we went home for a few hours to do a few household duties. But we felt like going to North Beach for dinner.

We got takeout and sat on a bench at Washington Park with this view:
Saints Peter and Paul Church. It's a Roman Catholic Church that traces it's original foundation to 1884.

After dinner we walked to Fisherman's Wharf for dessert before heading home.

A perfect day in San Francisco.

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