Wednesday, March 13, 2013


13 totally random things for March 13th, 2013...

The last time I went to the Grand Canyon was in 1993.

Most of the family may recognize Ashley since I've been posting about her a lot. The other girl is our niece from a different brother. She's getting married this year, too.

This "House on the Hill" is in the desert town I grew up in. It was built by the founder of the town. My mom was employed by the founder as a housekeeper and nanny and actually worked up there. The property, which is in extreme disrepair but includes 22 acres is for sale for $750,000. Any takers? {no.}

This is the church I went to every Sunday until I was 14.

My best friend from elementary school through high school also got married on March 9th. But 6 years go.

Her twin boys from a previous marriage graduate this year. I can't believe they're already 17. They were only 13 in this photo.

I miss my wisteria tree in San Jose.

I also miss my kitty.


Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure that we really do live in this amazing city. In one of those buildings.

Ashley is with her beloved on this same island right now. Photo from 2006.

Anyone watching House of Cards on Netflix? Or Homeland on Showtime? Great shows that are based in Washington DC. Photo from 2005.

Ashley's husband is from Chicago. And it's almost St. Patrick's Day. Chicago does St. Patrick's Day right. There's definitely Irish blood in her husband's lineage. Her new last name, after all, is Mrs. Kelly.


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Photo Cache said...

what happened to your kitty?

i love wisteria.