Monday, February 18, 2013

On the {crafting} table

In January, I mentioned that I was starting a new project for the year, Project Life. We're 7 weeks into the new year and so far I've kept it up.

Week 2: Jan 6th-12th
Finished the quilt I started in May. Humiliated myself by walking hard into a glass door and extended the humiliation by posting it on FB, which seemed to make my friends laugh a lot. Doris and I visited our friend June who suffered a series of small strokes during the holidays. The photo I have in this album is from 2 1/2 years ago.

Week 3: Jan 13th-19th
Saw a couple of movies: "This is 40" and "Zero Dark Thirty". Jimmy and I went ice skating at Union Square when it was 40 degrees out at 11pm. Visited the princess niece and ninja nephew (who are shy).

Week 3 addendum
I did an extra page with photos from our anniversary road trip to Point Bonita and Rodeo Beach.

Week 4: Jan 20th-26th
Jimmy was oh so very sick for 4 days. But by Saturday night, he was feeling well enough to go to Supercross in Oakland.

Week 5: Jan 27th-Feb 2nd
Jimmy left for a 10 day work trip to Austin then Boston. Wanted to see "Les Miserables" before the Oscars. Drove down to San Diego County with my MIL and SIL (who are shy) for Ashley's shower.

Week 6: Feb 3rd-9th
Superbowl Sunday! The 49ers were in it, but lost against the Ravens. Playing dolls with shy Princess niece. June passed away on 2/3/13, she was 92. Jimmy came home from Boston right before a big storm hit. His flight was one of the last ones out of Logan Airport before it closed for 2 days.

Week 7: Feb 10th-16th
We were in San Diego during my SIL's birthday so we waited till this weekend to celebrate. Explored Dolores Park. Valentines day. The bay bridge got a new lighting installment! So cool!

I have a couple more cards on my crafting table:
I'll use them for my exchange cards for stamp club next week and the week after.


Shammickite said...

This is marvellous, you are so creative and busy. And I am so lazy!

Photo Cache said...

You are so crafty and creative and artistic. I just don't have the same talents, but I enjoyed watching your projects so far. Can you show the quilt you completed?

Ginnie said...

You are just so darn-tootin' creative and energetic, Woman. Happy New Year, again! (Can you believe it's almost March!)