Sunday, December 16, 2012

12.16: Traditions

The Yuen's had their annual Christmas party today. As always, it was amazing. Not only was it wonderful talking to friends we haven't seen in a while, it was so very wonderful watching all the children run around and play with each other.

Their kids are pretty shy but when they're in their own home, their wonderful, playful personalities really shine. It's the best thing to see and be a part of. Absolutely adorable and they warm my heart.

The party is a cookie party, you know the kind where you bring cookies and share them with everyone and taste and sample and bring some home? But I've got a very loose definition of cookie. I brought my usual pretzel kisses, which the kids seem to love, they disappeared early on, I should have brought more. And I also brought some chocolate caramels. Those were also a hit but much more popular with the adults than the kids.

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Ginnie said...

Is it already that time of the year ...AGAIN??!! I love that you do this every year, Mad. How fun for you all.