Friday, November 02, 2012

Quilting While Caffeinated

Jimmy's on a work trip so I took advantage of my solo evening by finishing up a quick quilt. I had that flannel fabric for close to 4 years with the intent to make another rag edge quilt, but finally gave up on that and just sewed the strips that I had cut years ago.

Also, enjoyed my 1st 'red cup' coffee for the season. Starbucks is very crafty in their marketing. They bring them out right after halloween and they know suckers like myself get excited over a silly red cup simply because it's nostalgic for the season. I'm not trying to rush Christmas by any means, but there is something special about getting a hot drink in that silly red cup.

I've been meaning to try Mondo Caffe since we moved here, and since Jimmy's not home, I took the opportunity to try it. Had a delicious warm pear, gorgonzola and walnut panini, served with a side salad. I'll be back and I'm sure they have something Jimmy would enjoy, too.


Shammickite said...

Only the first couple of days of November and already you're talking about Christmas.... shame on you, Mad!
Although we are in the midst of rehearsals for our Christmas variety show, so I have Christmas on my mind too.
All year I take some $$$ and hide it in my Christmas bin once a month, and use that money to do Christmas shopping all through the year.... so I already have a lot of my purchases already made and some $$$ left over for special groceries!
I hope you post pix of this new quilt once it's done. I will be putting up pix of my quilts on sale as the big juried Beyond Craft show takes place next week.... I've been sewing like crazy!

susan d said...

HI Madz!
Can you direct me to any pictures, directions for a rag edge quilt? I have some girls I am working with wanting to make simple baby blankets for neo-natal babies. They mentioned just cutting the edges and tying them together. I know you will have a good idea.
Speaking of Christmas, I have 3 xmas gifts in the trunk of my car. I am totally against decorations and especially selling of Christmas merchandise until after Thanksgiving, but you go girl. Plus, Thanksgiving is early this year so we can all spend more money, etc.

Ginnie said...

When the cat is gone the mice will play! :)