Saturday, November 03, 2012

Nov3: Thankful for Technology

That might sound kinda cliche nowadays, but after Jimmy spent 2 days in the Nevada desert, I'm super grateful that we have the ability to keep track of each other even though we were so far apart.Jimmy and 3 other coworkers were on a mission to find a missing weather balloon they had launched from the Bay Area several months ago. The terrain they were traveling on was very remote, mountainous, desolate. It wasn't a stroll in the park. But they were prepared and smart, and they had our Rhino to help traverse the rough terrain.

There are so many things I'm grateful for today:
-he got home safe and sound at 3am this morning.
-they found it! The likelihood that they'd find it was slim to none, but late yesterday afternoon, they spotted it. All the data and equipment seemed to be in working condition, too.
-being able to 'see' where he was thanks to gps on our phones even though I couldn't talk to him.
-whenever they did have cell service, being able to text or receive photos.

It still blows my mind that we can instantly get this kind of information. It really wasn't that long ago that a trip like this would have meant being completely isolated and unable to communicate with anyone until you got to civilization (in their case, 60 miles away) and had to call on a pay phone.

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Ginnie said...

What did we do back then???????? What a fun story to hear about the wonders of technology today. I was hoping all along that they found it. YAY.