Thursday, November 01, 2012

Daily Gratitude

Every other November or so, I've attempted to blog each day of the month about something I'm grateful for, or at least blog a photo of the day, a round about way, would be something I'm grateful for in one way or another otherwise I wouldn't have photographed it. Since I didn't blog much in October, I'll start this month off with a compilation of things that happened in October that I'm happy that they happened. hehe!
A quick stop in Solvang with my cousin after our trip to the desert.

Mission Santa Ines is in Solvang so we had to stop and check it out while we were there.

My next "Farm Fresh to You" box contained:
1 sugar pumpkin, 1 red pomegranate, 4 fuji apples, 1 eureka lemon, 4 d'anjou pears, 5 kiwi, 1 bunch carrots, 3 bunches of kale (yikes!), 1 bunch butter lettuce.'ve never made kale before and now I have 3 bunches of them! I was suppose to get beets, but they're on my exclusion list so they substituted kale for it. Previously I'd had a few bites of kale salad and one of my closest friends love it, so I was up for the challenge. I found 2 recipes online and they were..."okay". They weren't great but they weren't bad either. I was pretty indifferent to them. Kale is pretty bitter, so it's not a simple flavor. The 1st recipe was an Orzo with kale and feta. The 2nd was aRoasted Yam and Kale Salad. Anyhoo...after making these 2 recipes, I decided to put kale on my exclusion list. I'd eat it and even enjoy it if someone else served it, but it's not something I chose to prepare myself.

Before going to the World Series, the Giants had to beat the Cardinals for the National League Championship. We didn't have tickets, but we live close to the ballpark. When when knew (or at least had a good idea) that they'd win the game, we went to the stadium to celebrate with all the other fans. But during the 8th inning, it started raining cats and dogs. That didn't stop the celebrations! We were headed to the World Series and everyone was on a baseball high.

Learned how to make artisan caramels from a cute DIY workshop here in the city.

Even though Halloween was upstaged by the parade, there were still a lot of people dressed in costume, wandering the streets during the parade.I'm not sure if my favorite is the girl with fantastic Dia de los Muertos makeup, or the smoking Jesus. Probably the smoking Jesus because he posed for me.

Prepare yourself...this is pretty scary...
but I'm grateful that Ginnie helped me discover had special halloween photo editing effects that turned any image into vampires, witches, zombies or Day of the Dead. So much fun the play with!

And for today...
Woke up to this view this morning. Obviously I wasn't in The City. :P


ren said...

kale is a tough one. i sometimes like it and sometimes hate it, but it's pretty good as "kale chips" if you ever accidentally get another bunch.

also, this may sound weird, but you make a very pretty zombie. i think the green looks very nice with your hair. i mean, the lack of rotting flesh is good too, but flatters you.

love the buddy christ pic too!

Ginnie said...

So THAT'S what that was in PicMonkey. HA! I never even went to check it out. I declare! Was too concentrated on my collages!