Wednesday, September 05, 2012

America's Cup

Next year, San Francisco is hosting the America's Cup which is an international yachting race held every three to four years.

But they're doing preliminary races here before the big event in September 2013.

After Jimmy and I went to the J-Pop Festival, we went to the shoreline and watched some of the race. Thousands of people where there to watch 11 teams compete against each other, aided by the strong winds we were having that weekend.

In the middle of it all, a huge cargo ship had to maneuver through all the spectator boats.
There was a clearly defined area where the boat spectators could and couldn't be. Additionally, if a team yacht went beyond that boundary, it would be penalized.

I don't know a thing about yacht racing, but it sure was a lot of fun to watch. San Francisco is a beautiful city for this type of event, and our winds certainly seemed to make the sailers happy.


Photo Cache said...

Oh another thing that I missed. I would have to make sure I pencil in America's cup next year.

Have you heard of Leapstarts Sandcastle Contest in Ocean Beach? I just heard of it and it's on its 29th year. I'm planning on going to see the sand masterpieces. It's on Oct 20 this year.

Ginnie said...

This reminds me of the sailing during the London Olympics, Mad. I LOVED watching it there, so I know it would be great seeing this in San Fran.