Friday, August 10, 2012

The Week in Photos

My brain hasn't been able to focus on anything longer than 2 1/2 minutes this week. Well, that's not exactly true because I've been over focusing on some things so everything else gets lost.

So in keeping with the random theme that matches the thoughts in my head, here is a mishmash of snapshots I took this week.
Getting ready to board Caltrain on my way home from Sunnyvale.
I live about a mile from the Caltrain station in San Francisco. Caltrain travels down the peninsula to San Jose. When I don't have the car or when I don't feel like driving, I can hop on the train and be in San Jose in about an hour and a half. Sunnyvale's about an hour away by train.

During the summer months, almost every weekday, there's a musical performance during lunchtime. It moves from one plaza to another, entertaining business workers as they eat their lunch.

I found a new park. The Transamerica Redwood Park. It's small but amazing! Because of the direction I was facing When I 1st walked into this park, all I noticed were the amazing redwood trees. Such a sight in the middle of the city! I ate my lunch and read my book. Then I noticed someone taking a photo of something the opposite direction I was facing. I turned around to look at what he's shooting and saw the towering Transamerica building next to me.

One of the local janitor's union is going through contract negotiations right now. When I got off BART the other day, I heard and saw them walking towards Market Street in a peaceful protest march.

I got together with my crafting friends this week and we made an accordion file folder mini-book. We got our inspiration here from Splitcoaststampers.

When it opens up, you've got 4 pockets to tuck in messages, photos or momentos.

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Anonymous said...

You live in an amazing city with such fine buildings and so much going on - how nice it would to be serenaded whilst you ate lunch. I love the idea of your accordian file especially the picture of the cat on the front - he is so funny it would make you smile every time you looked at him.