Monday, July 02, 2012

Dancing down the aisle

Jimmy comes from a big family, 7 brothers and sisters. That means there are lots of nieces and nephews. This weekend, the first of them got married. We cheered as the happy couple walked down the aisle after the ceremony.

They live in Southern California so unfortunately, we don't see them very often. But we were very happy to meet our newest family member.

I couldn't resist a flashback photo of Jimmy and D. D was 9 and Jimmy was 26 and had lots of hair, hee!

We also got to meet our grandniece. Isn't she absolutely adorable? So cute and nearly walking on her own at 9 months.

Jimmy has a way of charming the babies and had a nice little heart to heart moment with her.

We get to celebrate again in March when Miss A and her handsome fiance MK tie the knot. Brother and sister will celebrate anniversaries 8 months apart. Should be easy for them to remember!


Ginnie said...

I know what this feels like, Mad. In August we will fly to Michigan for my nephew's wedding. We can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bride and such an adorable grandniece - Love your outfit too.