Sunday, July 08, 2012

Crowd Control

We were out with a lot of people this week. Thousands and thousands.

On Wednesday, we celebrated the 4th of July, America's 236th birthday with all these people.
These were just the ones in the part of town we were in. We heard that an estimated 200,000 people were there to watch fireworks.

We got there 2 hours early and found a spot on a stairway away from the main crowd who were watching along the water's edge.

There was a house that partially blocked our view, but I liked how it gave the skyline a little more to focus on.

Then today after finishing up some chores, we went to the Fillmore Jazz Festival on Fillmore Street.
We didn't get there till almost 4 and we just caught one performance, but it lasted for 2 hours.

There was quite a crowd there, too! I'm not sure exactly how many, but there were 4 different stages and we only saw this one. There had to be tens of thousands of people walking around, enjoying the great music, good food and eclectic vendors.
(edit: our local news said approximately 90,000 people were anticipated to attend the festival.)

But as for us, once Kim Nalley started singing, we didn't want to move. We stood in the same spot for 2 hours and by the time she finished at 6, the vendors were tearing down their booths and serving their last beers.


Ginnie said...

WOW. I just listened to Kim Nalley for the first time and am E N T H R A L L E D!

Anonymous said...

What a crowd of people - it sounds to have been a good celebration. You chose your view point well - what a view.