Saturday, July 21, 2012


Last week, an old friend from high school came up for a concert. She came a day early and stayed an extra day so could reconnect and I could show off this beautiful city that I live in.

Christa and I were in Tall Flags, a part of the drill team unit of our high school band. The summer between my junior and senior years, Christa and I went to tall flags camp with 5 other girls.
Christa is standing to my left, holding the flag.

When she left the desert that afternoon, it was 110 degrees. Later that night, when we were at Fisherman's Wharf,
it was a very chilly 48 degrees. Good thing I warned her to bring a jacket or sweatshirt!

The next day, we took a ferry to Sausalito. I thought it was a great way to be out on the bay, see the City, Golden Gate Bridge, cruise by Alcatraz and do some window shopping in a quaint town just north of San Francisco.

But it was a typical foggy summer day and the city was just barely peeking out. The Golden Gate Bridge was completely socked in and Christa had to take my word that it really was there.

We spent a few hours in picturesque Sausalito. The fog mostly stayed on the other side of the hill, so it was a very comfortable sunny but cool afternoon.

That night we went to see Howard Jones at a small nightclub a few blocks from where I live. He sang all the songs from 2 of his oldest albums, which came out when we were in high school. It was a great performance but we both agreed that we're getting too old to stand in one spot for a whole concert, 3 1/2 hours. And even though it was barely 50 degrees outside, it had to have been 90 degrees in that small club with 1000 other people.

The next morning, we had plans to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and back.
She finally got to see the bridge, this time up close and personal! Though it was still very foggy!

She left her heart in San Francisco.

This photo cracks me up. A group of teenage boys all huddled in their hoodies walking across the bridge. Yes, it was as cold as they look!

Half way across the bridge. If you look very closely at the background, that little tilted island is Alcatraz.

One last tourist stop, the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square. The sun may have been shrouded by the fog, but it was still bright enough to make us squint! But nothing was gonna stop us from having fun!


Ginnie said...

Oh, how fun, Mad. I don't know anyone from my high school days who would fit the bill for something so cool as this (which is actually sad, now that I think of it). But I can imagine any number of friends now for whom I'd love to show around my neck of the woods. I love that you live somewhere like San Fran where you can show it off like you do! Lucky Christa.

Shammickite said...

That was fun, showing Christa around the sights of SF. It's amazing how cold it gets there, even in July, when everyone else is suffering from the heat. Love that picture of the band drill team. And I love the outfits!!! So American!!! The rainbow flag didn't have quite the same meaning in those far-off days, did it???

ren said...

nice! ( i was a rifle in the band front, and i am a huge howard jones fan, so you had me at hello!)

Anonymous said...

How great to catch up with old friends - Love the photo of the school band.