Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In the Forest

We've been at the hideaway since Saturday evening. After working hard on Sunday and Monday organizing the construction chaos from the never ending remodel, we spent Tuesday and Wednesday exploring uncharted territories in the forest.

It's amazing what you'll find in the middle of a dense forest, miles from any sign of civilization.

We saw...
a collapsing barn

a broken down rusty truck that's been used for shooting practice

breathtaking views for miles and miles

a birds eye view of the Clavey River

a trickling waterfall

a lonely bridge over the Clavey

lots of fallen trees partially blocking the trail

cows running scared from the sound of our loud vehicle

old abandoned adit mines from the gold rush era, mid-late 1800s.

some friendly goats, just as curious about us as we were about them.

the amazing Bourland Trustle, built in 1923 by the West Side Lumber Company, 75 feet above Bourland Creek. Used as a railroad to haul lumber down the mountain until the the late 1950s and remained intact till 1997 when Bourland Creek flooded weakening the supports and the middle part of the trestle collapsed. (click link to see and old photo of it as a railroad trestle).

a forest fire just a few ridges away. Hoping it was a controlled burn.

beautiful high-elevation wildflowers (over 7000 feet above sea level)

crossed Bourland Creek, this time not over a bridge.

We love the forest as much as we love the city. Each lifestyle is vastly different, but we enjoy having the best of both worlds.

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Ginnie said...

I can totally see why you love both places. Very much the best of both worlds!