Friday, May 04, 2012

This Week in Crafting

I can't tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I've ruined because I throw them in my bag or on the car seat and the lens get scratched so badly I can't see out of them. Because of this, I've resorted to buying very cheap sunglasses. But once in a while, I'll actually really love a pair, and I'm a little bit heartbroken that I've ruined them. Besides, even buying cheap sunglasses twice a year is a waste of money and resources.

But I realized that even my novice sewing skills could fashion a simple pouch. Especially with youtube videos at my fingertips. I fashioned this little sunglass pouch with the help of this video.

A friend is celebrating her 92nd birthday on Monday and I almost forgot to send her a card. So last night, I referred to my saved pins on Pinterest and drew my inspiration from this beautiful card. I also made a similar one for Mother's Day...shhh...don't tell my MIL and spoil the surprise.

Then tonight, Doris and I went to Elizabeth's for her monthly card making project. She always shows us the prettiest cards and is super generous with her supplies and shares her ideas so openly.

This one is super fun because it's a new technique for me. Notice how the butterflies are punched out and have the appearance of being cut out of the little panel of paper below it, yet the paper is a different pattern. It's super simple, but any new technique is fun to play with. I'm gonna try this with flowers the next time I make it.

If I had to define Elizbeth's style, I'd probably call it shabby chic. This definitely is an "Elizabeth" piece. I love working dark colors. I never would have thought to add the brown accents with the grays and blues, but it works in this card.

I always love how many layers her cards have. This one has a black base, with the blue with the scalloped bottom layered on top of it. Then the focal off white piece with the main image of the fleur de lis with a little bit of glitter plus the text. Then the added layer of pleated ribbon. The layer of the 3 banner flags, that have pink flowers and crystal gems as another layer. Don't forget the "ransom note" layered pieces over the word "love". As a final touch, there's just a little extra shimmer on the entire card from a little bit of shimmer spritz. So many small details really give her cards a lot of charm.

While cooking and sewing are fun and are a creative outlet for me, paper crafting is my passion. I've tried just about every craft you can imagine, from knitting and jewelry making to soldering and clay, but anything related to the paper arts holds near and dear to my heart.

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Anonymous said...

There is just so much work in these cards. What a gift to create such amazing works of art.