Saturday, April 28, 2012

4.28 Saturday Evening Stroll

We walked to the water this evening before going to dinner. One of our favorite spots is Pier 14. I'm sure I've posted dozens of photos from this very spot, but it never gets old. It's hard to resist being able to stand out in the middle of the water and look back at the city.

Or enjoy the views of the Bay Bridge.

There's also the view of the silhouetted Ferry Building, Embarcadero Center and Transamerica Pyramid Building as the sun sets to the west.

We even saw a jelly fish! We've seen them at aquariums and even dead along the sandy beaches, but this was the 1st time we've seen one in the ocean.

On our way to dinner, I snapped a couple more photos before it got too dark.
We stopped at Justin Herman Plaza to snap a photo of the ferry building with a little bit of the bay bridge peaking out from behind it.

One last capture of a red flower, the tall Embarcadero Center, and half a moon.

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Anonymous said...

The ferry terminal is a magnificent looking building. It's so different seeing such tall buildings as there are no high buildings in our immediate area.