Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4.17 flashback part 2

No cell phone/instragram photos again today, so doing another set of flashback photos.
After about the 2nd grade, I stopped being girlie and became a self-proclaimed tomboy. I started riding a skateboard when I was 8 and hated playing with dolls. To this day I still really hate wearing dresses or skirts, and rarely wear anything or decorate in florals, preferring solid colors over feminine patterns.

Maybe that's because the 'cousins' I played with the most were brothers. Coincidentally, Jimmy became really good friends with both them in junior high and high school. The younger brother, who is my age, is expecting his 1st child soon. I doubt I'll ever meet his new baby because aside from updates on Facebook, we haven't seen or talked in almost 15 years. Just something that happens over the years. However Jimmy and I still see his brother ever few years or so.

I love this last photo because it really shows how remote the area I lived in was. And though I haven't been back since 2004 when we were there for a graduation, I doubt it looks much different now than it does in these photos from 1975.

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