Saturday, April 14, 2012

4.14 Tea for Three

Celebrated my cousin's birthday today with a little tea party with her daughter.

I feel a little guilty because it seemed like the birthday treat was more for her daughter than for my cousin. But we enjoyed some girlie time without the husbands and big brother.

Fast forward 9 hours when I was playing on the computer and I hear a series of loud booms. I wondered if they were blowing up the building that's under construction across the street. Then I remembered there was a Giants game tonight and ran to the back window...yup! Fireworks!

The building behind us obstructs most of the view, but we caught a few glimpses of them. Fireworks never get old, it's always a thrill.

Since our adrenaline was up after watching them, we decided to go on a nighttime walk around town.
A few buildings near Union Square.

We saw some interesting mannequins in some fancy clothing boutique.

Though I'm not entirely sure if those mannequins are fancy or freaky.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful china for your tea party. Love the nighttime photos - not sure about the mannequins - they are certainly different!

Ginnie said...

YAY for baseball again. I miss it, believe it or not. And yes...a bit freaky, those mannequins. Hmmmm. What was THAT window dresser thinking (or drinking?)!