Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Cookie Massacre

I've only made sugar cookies once before today. They're not the easiest things to make. Ya gotta make the dough ahead of time, it requires at least 4-6 hours of chill time in the fridge. I let them chill for over 12 hours, overnight and then some. Then you gotta roll them out to the perfect thickness, cut them out, bake 'em, cool 'em then finally frost them. It's practically a 2 day process and when those happy hearts end up looking like a lopsided liver, it can be really frustrating. This may be the 2nd and last time I'll make sugar cookies. But Jimmy seemed to love them and that's what matters most.
When I rolled the dough out, it was really soft and sticky, so when I tried to cut it with the cookie cutter, everything stuck together. Then when I tried to transfer it onto the cookie sheet, it all just flopped. A great big mess.

I have no idea what happened to this one. But if you slap a bit of frosting on it and close your eyes, you might not notice how unattractive that cookie really was.

I had less than 10 of them turn out ok. I added a lot more flour to them so they wouldn't stick as much.

But I was worried that the added flour would adversely change the taste, so I scrapped the whole cookie cutter notion and just went with round cookies.

After too many hours, my kitchen counter was filled with cookies.

One benefit of working with them for so many hours is that they were the last thing I wanted to eat. Thankfully I have a few people I can give them to and Jimmy is more than willing to eat the ugly ones. Happy Valentines Day honey, you have to eat the ugly cookies because I'm giving away the prettier ones.


Kristina said...

How frustrating! The kids and I'll have to have you over to make sugar cookies sometime...make it a more positive experience. With 2 five-year-olds how could it not be fun, right?!?

Anonymous said...

What a feast of cookies - they look delicious especially the pink icing.

Julie said...

I have a good sugar cookie recipe I use. I'd be happy to share and help bake next time. :)