Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Littles {December Daily 11}

We went to the Yuen's for their annual Christmas party today. There were so many people and so many kids. Most of the kids in our circle of friends are getting old enough to play on their own outside so now the parents congregate in the kitchen to snack on all the goodies.

This was my contribution. My standard Pretzel Kisses that I make every year.

At the end of the shindig, I always insist on a group photo. Unfortunately this year, I didn't grab one before the rest of the group left. But since we were the last ones to leave we grabbed a few photos with the generous hosts.
You can tell that the adults are well versed in the Photo Pose. But the funnest part is watching how the kids smile and move around and giggle and grin.

I think the photos I love best are the ones where the Littles are just grinning so silly or big and laughing.

Uncle Joseph got all 3 kids to look up and smile at the same time, so cute! Of course, I'm the one whose eyes are closed, lol.

I can't stop giggling at the kids smiles.

They more silly the photo, the cuter it is, in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

What lovely happy looking photos.

Anonymous said...

I spy a button tree! Such sweet shots of your group!