Monday, December 26, 2011

An "International" Day {December Daily 26}

Spent an amazing day with my sister-in-law Molly. We hit a lot of neighborhoods in the City today which meant we'd have a bit of a california-fied international day.

We started the morning with breakfast at Tartine, a famous French bakery in the Mission. Molly had the quiche and I had the croque monsieur. We also split the flakiest morning bun. I'm almost glad that it's really hard to park in this neighborhood, otherwise I'd be here every day. Although the J Metro Muni stop is just 2 blocks away. Eep!

While we were in the Mission (a neighborhood in SF), we checked out the Mission San Francisco de Asís. It was still decorated for the holidays, with a few Christmas Trees, a manger scene and a big gold star at the altar.

We made our way to Chinatown for a quick stop at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory.

It's a tiny factory with 3 or 4 people making fortune cookies. Crowded, but efficient and so very cool to watch them making the cookies.

The cookies come out of the press, the workers put the fortunes in and fold them into the famous shape. We even got a sample, they were still warm and soft. I highly recommend peeking in if you're in the neighborhood.

The day continued with lunch at a Ramen restaurant in Japantown, window shopping on Fillmore Street, a movie that was set in Paris at Kabuki Theatre and dinner with Jimmy at Pacific Catch. About as "international" as you can get and stay within a 5 mile radius.


Anonymous said...

You are having an amazingly busy time. How interesting to see where a fortune cookie is actually made.

Ginnie said...

THAT would be an education worth many minutes of watching, for sure!