Thursday, December 22, 2011

Insanity... {Daily December 21}

...and I'm not just talking about the crazy lady on the street car today who had been talking loudly to herself for a while then startled all of us when she suddenly began laughing maniacally at the top of her lungs. The driver had to kick her off. I have to admit, that was quite an experience. I take public transportation a couple of times a week and that's the first time something like that has happened in the 15 months we've lived here.

But now that it's after midnight, there are only 3 days till Christmas. When I was doing my Christmas cards on Tuesday night, I realized I was 12 short. Dang it! So tonight I had to sit myself down and make another dozen. 12 cards really doesn't seem like that many, but when time is short and it takes 3 hours to make them, then it really feels like the clock is ticking. I just put the last stamp on it at 1:45am. I can only hope that they get there by Saturday.

Aside from the incident on the street car, the day was amazing. You wouldn't believe how gorgeous the weather has been. It's been very unusual, actually. We've only gotten 0.12" of rain, which will be the 3rd record low since they started recording it in 1849. There have only been 2 years that we didn't have any precipitation in the month of December, 1879 and 1989. So I'm torn about feeling super grateful about our gorgeous weather and feeling nervous about the amount of water we'll need.

Anyhoo, started the day at Fisherman's Wharf with E, but was home before 4. That sleep deprivation got the best of me and I had to take a little nap, hoping 45 minutes would do the trick. Almost 2 1/2 hours later, Jimmy walked in the door and I was in deep REM sleep, in the middle of a dream. While it was good to catch up on a bit of sleep, I would have liked that time to get some other things done. Ah...well...that's what 2am is for, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

I hope you can get your sleep pattern sorted. I envy you your sunshine - winter in the UK is not my favourite season.