Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Streets

Jimmy and I enjoyed a long afternoon walk though many different neighborhoods, taking part in the city's "Sunday Streets" event.

What is Sunday Streets?
Sunday Streets is a series of events put on by the City of San Francisco to encourage health, community and fun, inspired by similar events in cities throughout the world. A Sunday Streets event creates a large, temporary, public space by closing off stretches of a neighborhood’s streets to automobile traffic, and opening them to pedestrians, bicyclists, and activities for several hours on a predetermined Sunday.

Today's route took us from home to Chinatown, North Beach, up Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower then we paved our own path down the other side of the hill to the Embarcadero before heading back home.

It's always fun walking through Chinatown.

It's a feast for the senses with all the colors, the textures, the crowds of people, the sounds, the scents and smells.

We veered off the route a bit to Stockton Street where there are a lot more fresh market shops than on Grant Street, which is more touristy.
There were fruits and veggies that I haven't seen since my trip to the Philippines in 2000 or since I was a teenager when my mom used them.

The streets weren't as crowded in North Beach. Many of the shops were closed and we were surprised that it felt a lot hotter than in Chinatown, even though they're just separated by a street.

We climbed the steep streets and steps up to Coit Tower,
pausing to catch our breath and snap a few photos along the way.

This was only the 2nd time we've taken the elevator all the way up to the top. The 1st time was over 15 years ago.

When we got up there, we were greeted by 360 degree views of the City By The Bay.Looking towards Nob Hill.

Lots of sailboats in the bay, the Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena Island and Oakland in the distance.

Pier 39 and Alcatraz.

The Marina and Golden Gate Bridge.

Then we hiked down Telegraph Hill via the famous Filbert Steps to the Embarcadero.Filbert Steps.

View from the Stairs.

The garden along the path is maintained by the neighbors.

A look back at where we just were.


Ginnie said...

This is what San Fran is all about, isn't it....fabulous views and places!

Shammickite said...

If I ever come to SF I want you and Jimmy to be my guide.... you seem to be having far too much fun exploring all the marvellous sights and sounds of SF, and I think you should be made to earn your fun by dragging me around with you! OK? Love all those photos. PS... last weekend I went to a good friend's wedding, actually he's a friend of my sons, he married a Philippina girl, she is gorgeous!