Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

The perfect amount of activity for relaxing yet full day.

Jimmy's brother Eric is in town and I've mentioned before how much I love having people visit. We had a nice brunch with the family at Fog City Diner, a favorite spot to take our guests.

Then I had a Super Heroes birthday party in the south bay that I didn't want to miss. Kristina's twins turn 5 next week and today was a good day for all their friends to celebrate with them.

Before heading home, I strategically planned a few errands to avoid traffic back into the City due to a Giants game that started at 6:05. Traffic on game days has been my biggest challenge since moving to San Francisco since we live so close to the ballpark. But after 1 bad experience last year when it took me 3 hours to get home from San Jose, I've made sure that hasn't happened again.

Spent the rest of the evening with Jimmy and Eric.


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Ginnie said...

I know what you mean about those ballpark traffic jams! Thankfully ours in Atlanta was almost 50 miles away. :)