Saturday, September 17, 2011

Now That's What I'm Talkin' About

I know last week I said it was a perfect saturday, but today topped it because the weather couldn't have been more picture perfect.

Just before we were about to leave the condo, we heard the roar of 2 fighter jets doing a fly-by at the ballpark. I just happened to be at the window and saw them wiz by at lightning speed. Despite popular belief, I don't have my camera attached to my right hand, so I didn't get a photo of them, but it sure was cool 1st to hear them then see they right out our living room window.

First on today's agenda was the 5th Annual San Francisco Firefighter's Chili Cookoff. It was just a few blocks away and we like chili and we like our brave firefighters.
There were about 15 different fire stations represented from the Bay Area.
$10 got you a sample from any or all of the booths and you were welcome to go back for more. We tried about 5-6 different chili's, some better than others. Jimmy and I had different opinions on which ones we liked best.
For once we were smart and stopped before we got too full or got indigestion.

Since we were just a few blocks from the ballpark, we enjoyed the bright warm sunny day and went to check out Cal's 1st football game at their temporary home for the season. Their football stadium is being rebuilt, so the Giants AT&T Park will be their home turf for the 2011 football season. We've lived near Stanford the whole time we've lived in the Bay Area so I've always been partial to them, but now that Cal Berkeley is highly represented in this fine city, I just might have to jump on the Berkeley Bandwagon and start wearing blue and gold. At least for the time being. I admit that Stanford might win me over if push came to shove. BTW, Cal won 63-12.

Then we were off to the Marina Green for Family Kite Day. As I said, it was a perfect sunny day, but it's almost always breezy in the city, so it was perfect conditions to go fly a kite. Even though it was already late in the afternoon, there were still about 20-30 kites in the air when we got there.
I've never flown a kite. I so very much wanted to fly a kite. There was even a booth where you could make your own kite, but they were out of supplies, boo. But I saw how easy it was to make one, so I hope I'll be able to make one soon and finally get to experience the joy of kite flying.

The sun was just about to set and we were in a hurry to drive over to Treasure Island to watch the sun set past the Golden Gate Bridge. Just as we got off the offramp, we caught sight of big ball of fire plunging into the pacific ocean behind the bridge. It was one of the best sunset's we've seen, even though we could only experience it for about 4.5 seconds. Since we were in the car, I couldn't capture a photo of it, I'll just have to remember how magical it was in my head.

But we spent another hour or two exploring Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island, enjoying the amazing views of the city and the Bay Bridge.

We saw this amazing 40 foot tall "Bliss Dance" sculpture first at the Maker Faire. It made it's original debut at Burning Man and is now prominently on display on Treasure Island with city views in the background.

We were home only about 30 minutes when we were startled by a series of loud booms. The sky lit up and when we looked out the window, we saw fireworks! How cool is that? Looking out your living room window and seeing fireworks? The view was mostly obstructed by the building next door, but we were still super excited to see what we could.

A perfect ending to another perfect day in San Francisco.

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Ginnie said...

I love me a good kite, Mad, and want to go fly one right now! :) Hmmm. Now you've given me an idea. We'll be at Texel, our nearby Dutch island, over the coming weekend. I would love to fly a kite there! Now I need to go find one....