Saturday, August 27, 2011

Through The Eyes of a Six Year Old

A couple of weeks ago, the Bowen's were in the city for the afternoon so we met them at the Ferry Building for a little nosh and a lot of fun. We took a leisurely stroll on Pier 7, just north of the Ferry Building on the way to Fisherman's Wharf.

I love giving my camera to kids to see what they'll capture so I gave it to Prince W my while we walked along the pier. He captured over 800 photos in 25 minutes. A boy after my own heart!! It doesn't hurt that my camera can take 6 photos per second.

Here are some of the photos and memories he captured.
The Transamerica Pyramid Building.

The Bay Bridge and the Hornblower Bay Cruise Ship.

A nice photo of his grandpa. Don't forget to notice Prince W's reflection in Grandpa's sunglasses.

There were lots of pics of Prince W's dad.

And probably even more of his mom.

Lots and lots of his sister and Jimmy. Jimmy strangling poor Miss A?
Of course not!! usual, Jimmy's got the girl giggling uncontrollably.

A nice walk on a long pier.

Me and Prince W's mom.

I love self-portraits! And Prince W does it with flair, taking this pic of himself upside down!

A fisherman at the end of the pier hoping to catch tonight's dinner.

Do you wanna join us for a walk?

I really like this photo he captured. The bird walking. The length of the pier. The texture of the wood. The narrowing perspective.

That looks like a fun group of people to hang out with. "I want to go to there" said in my best Liz Lemon imitation.

Another fun pic of dad.

Jimmy and the Pyramid.

Friends for over 20 years.

Especially love the reflections in Ed's sunglasses...all 8 of us are in this photo.

Thank you Prince W for being my photographer for the day. You captured a lot of fun moments!


Angie said...

Wow Madeline - I can't believe he took so many and you found some really great ones ! We had a great time and my dad and my step mom kept referring to you both as very special people and they are right!

Ginnie said...

And not one picture of him! I want top see HIM and find out how old he is. WOW. You taught him well, Mad. :)