Saturday, July 09, 2011

Summer Saturday in the City

After a busy week last week at the hideaway, it was refreshing to come back to the city to relax. A little ironic, right?

From May to October, Yerba Buena Gardens has free events and concerts every weekend.Today Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra performed from 1-2:30 and we went with a few hundred of our other SF neighbors to check it out.

A view from above the Martin Luther King Jr Waterfall looking at SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) and the PacBell Building (built in 1925) behind it.

About a minute video of Yerba Buena Gardens.
-Panning from the stage to left you'll see: St. Patricks Catholic Church, the Marriott: loving referred to as the Jukebox, and the Four Seasons Hotel behind the church.
-Panning back to the right, the buildings above the stage are: Yelp headquarters in the old 1903 historic Merchantile building in the center, the Westin Hotel above Yelp to the left and the Paramount Apartments above and to the right of Yelp.
-Continuing to pan right is SFMOMA with it's round skylight dome and the historic PacBell building behind it. Left of SFMOMA is the St. Regis hotel and residences. Right of SFMOMA is the W Hotel.
-The farthest right of the video shows the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Waterfall, then we pan left ending at the stage.

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