Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Childhood Kitchen

Before my mom came to the United States, she was a live-in nanny in the Philippines for an American Military family at Clark Air Force Base. In addition to taking care of their children, she cleaned their house and made all their meals. She was a great cook and she enjoyed cooking and loved it when people enjoyed her dishes.Here she is making either Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner in 1972. We had just moved into this house earlier that year.

The next two photos were taken a couple of years later, possibly 1975.I'm holding my very uncomfortable kitty, Pixie. Looking back at this photo, I love seeing the old lined up containers on the counter, the percolator on the stove, and our rice cooker that I think lasted till i left for college. The plate above the stove was some sort of kitchen prayer, wish I had that plate. Not sure what happened to it.

Not sure the occasion we were getting ready to celebrate, but in addition to the alcohol and punch on the bar, the stove is full with big pots. It must have been a Filipino party because there are 2 rice cookers on the counter making rice. You may have noticed that rice is important to the Asian diet.

Gotta love the stylish 70s yellow appliances and counter. Not to mention my stylish 70s bowl cut.


Shammickite said...

I love looking at old photos, they bring back so many memories. You were so cute back then!
Those yellow appliances were called Harvest Gold" weren't they? When I moved into my house in the late 1970s, the kitchen and all the bathrooms were "Avocado".... the green equivalent of "Harvest Gold".

susan d said...

Madz, are you having any trouble publishing your blogs? I finally want to post something and it won't and then my text disappears! Any idea what's going on?
Enjoyed the nostalgic photos!

Ginnie said...

Now I'm singing "Memories!" I love these old-timey images, Mad. 1972 was when my first child was born, and 1975 was when my second was born. Did things really look like that back then?! :)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful memories of life in the kitchen.

And I have yet to meet a family that doesn't have a photo of a child holding a cat like that! Love it.