Sunday, May 01, 2011

How Weird

Today was a beautiful, sunny day. A fantastic way to start the month of May.

Spring and summer means a lot of street fairs. Today, there was a street fair right across the corner from our abode so we walked the 100 steps to check it out.

It's called the How Weird Street Faire, on Howard Street.

And How Weird it was!! Lots of loud electronic music, lots of dancers, lots of people wearing minimal clothing. And a few vendors selling art, clothes, jewelry and other stuff. Some of the reviews likened it to a rave. Yet another review said it was like a scene in CSI before they find the dead body.

The faire was in the middle of downtown, safely nestled among tall and historic buildings.

One of the many stages, all playing some form of electronic music. Very Loud. Very. Loud. Did I mention Loud? But it was hard not to get caught in the beat and next thing you know, you're bouncing.

If you're not dancing, you're shopping.

When you're not shopping, you're people watching.
I shoot from the hip a lot in crowded places, which causes the angled shots. I like it.

He must have been hot.

Stay hydrated.

Dancer in an outfit made entirely of soda can tabs. Nice!

Halloween costumes can be reused for this event. Bonus!

We live thataway.

Hula Hoops are entertaining.

Even rabbits like to dance.

Hippie or Hipster?

Grooving down in downtown.

Even Marge tweets about the How Weird Street Faire.

Who wants to go next year?

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