Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Attack of the Birds

Today was a beautiful crisp and sunny day.I wandered to Crissy Field and took in the views of the Golden Gate Bridge, in utter awe that we actually live here.

I bought a book "One Sketch a Day: A Visual Journal" and had just finished a super quick sketch in pen of the bridge.

I sat relaxing, enjoying the view, enjoying the sun and sipped my coffee. I also had a treat in my bag, a perfect 4pm nibble.
Within seconds, a flock of tiny black and brown birds swarmed upon me.

Some more bold than others.

I talked to the birds, telling them "No. Sorry. I won't feed you." While their begging eyes almost wore me down, I don't like to feed them, especially when they are already too accustomed to humans feeding them crumbs.
But their brazen attitude allowed me opportunities for up close and personal photographs, even with the camera in my cell phone.

I just set my phone on the ground next to me and clicked.
I'm sure this lady thought I was crazy, but that didn't stop me. I'm shameless sometimes, I gotta admit. Thank goodness I'm in SF and there are so many crazies that I fit right in!


Shammickite said...

The Birds Is Coming!
The Birds Is Coming!
oh sorry, maybe that was a little before your time.....

Ginnie said...

HA! I love how shameless you are, Mad. I would have done the same thing. :)