Monday, March 21, 2011


We were in Atlanta for the weekend of the 12th. While I enjoyed my 2nd visit to this lovely city, I found myself quite distracted by the events in Japan. We got to Atlanta late Thursday evening of the 10th and when we woke up Friday morning, that's all we heard about and I have to admit that I probably spent too much time in the room watching CNN.

We were there for one of Jimmy's conferences.
This year he was one of the speakers.
Since I wasn't off being the typical tourist, I stayed to listen to his talk. Well, truthfully, i had no idea what he was talking about, but it was fascinating that this room of people knew exactly what he was talking about.

Thankfully I hit most of the tourist spots last year when we were here. So I didn't feel any pressure to see everything again this year. I know there's more to Atlanta than CNN, the Coca-Cola Factory and their beautiful aquarium, but since we didn't have a car, I was limited to where their train went and whatever was within walking distance.

I walked over to Olympic Park and walked around downtown a bit.

Spent a few hours in their High Museum of Art. It's a beautiful, peaceful museum. I went on Saturday expecting it to be crowded, but it wasn't and I was able to linger over the pieces I found more fascinating without feeling like I needed to move along because someone else wanted to see it from that same angle too.

Of course, enjoyed amazing meals. Our most memorable meal was at Daddy D'z BBQ Joynt. It was an accident that we found ourselves there. We tried 2 other places downtown but both were packed with all the other tourists. at least 1 1/2 hour waits. Jimmy's co-worker found this place on Yelp so we hailed a taxi and 10 minutes later we were there.

I have to admit that if we hadn't arrive by taxi and at night where we couldn't really see this place, I would not have gone in. But that would have been the biggest mistake of my Atlanta culinary experiences. (not my pic, thank you internet)

I ordered the pulled pork with fried okra and mac & cheese for $8.99. I admit i have a pretty big appetite and can consume a good amount of food but I as much as I wanted to, I couldn't finish everything. I almost regret having to leave those few bites of pulled pork and mac & cheese. Though if I had a little more sauce on the pork, I'm sure none of it would have been left on that styrofoam plate.

It unlikely, but if we ever find ourselves in Atlanta again, we have a few favorite spots that we'd go to again. Hopefully we'll have a car so we can explore a little further. But Atlanta is a mighty fine city and it was kind to us.


Shammickite said...

I've driven through Atlanta on the highway a couple of times on my way to and from Florida but have never stopped there, and I'd love to have a look around the city one day. But It's highly unlikely now that I don't really have anyone to travel with, and I hate to travel by myself! I know, what a coward. So I'll just have to enjoy the pulled pork and the mac and cheese through your pictures!

Ginnie said...

Is there any way you can plan to be there when we go back in October, Mad????? I can't believe you are finally getting there, twice, while I am now gone! Arrgh.