Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tuesday Noontime Siren

Every Tuesday at noon, an emergency siren goes off for about 15 seconds. When we 1st moved here, we were perplexed, then more curious when we realized that it happened every week, every Tuesday always at noon. We can barely hear it from our apartment, but it's very loud if your outside.

Here's a funny little video prepared by 72hours.org that explains it and its history:

Also found this:
Every Tuesday at noon, 65 air raid-style sirens around the city sound off for 15 seconds as a test for an emergency warning system. In a real emergency, the sirens will cycle continuously for around 5 minutes and will broadcast instructions instead of "this is a test." Those with access to radios should tune in to KCBS 740 AM, KQED 88.5 FM or a local news channel should this happen.

I think it's an interesting little tidbit about living in a big city.


Nan said...

Hi Madeline! Interesting! In our little town, the fire siren goes off every day at noon waking babies and making dogs howl. It would be nice if it was only on Tuesdays.

Shammickite said...

We used to have a fire siren on top of the town clock tower to call the volunteer firemen to the fire station if there was a fire, but it's been dismantled many years ago and now the firemen have some kind of phone buzzer thing if they are needed. So no sirens here.... if there's an impending enemy attack, we'll never know until they arrive!

Ginnie said...

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, Mad! It's hard to believe it's still done by a human and isn't automated.