Monday, February 07, 2011

On The Table 5

Fun On the Table stuff to share today!

Went to dinner with Doris at an awesome Thai hole-in-the-wall called Thaiger Thai Kitchen. Love that name. It may be a little hole in the wall, but the food was cloth napkin quality.
I had the chicken basil and chili. All entrees come with a delicious soup, itty bitty but tasty egg roll and samosa, a green salad, edamame and rice. All for around $8.

Then Doris and I met up with the rest of our crafting friends. Tonight was my turn to teach the project.
We made these cute trifold wallets.
When you open the wallet, it opens into 3 'pages':That each have small folded cards that open up...
to show your message inside.

A compact little greeting that can brighten up someones day when she opened it up to read the messages within.
Would also be fun to attach a giftcard in the center 'card' for a birthday gift.

I got my inspiration here. She intended hers as a photo wallet and that idea would be super cute, too. Imagine grandparents whipping out this adorable wallet to show their friends beloved photos of their grandkids. Or even kids using them to show off their trading cards.

Can you think of other cute ideas this would be useful for?

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